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The Depression is deepening, and Ruth struggles to find a job. Baker is preoccupied with adapting to the restrictions and dangers of city life.

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His journalism career begins when he is eight, when he begins selling the Saturday Evening Post. His timidity and lack of aggressiveness limit his sales, and his mother worries about finding him an appropriate career. Baker again struggles to adapt, while Ruth struggles to earn a living. Harold tells outlandish stories and is called a liar.

Growing Up Russell Baker

Baker gradually realizes storytelling allows Harold to brighten an otherwise dreary life. From Harold, Baker learns to value the power of storytelling.

There, Baker meets boys with white collar backgrounds. He is too educated for the blue-collar world and too behind on politics and world events to be accepted into the Honor Society at school.

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He earns a scholarship to Johns Hopkins but struggles to keep up academically. In , Baker turns eighteen and joins the Navy Air Corps, having harbored romantic fantasies of becoming a pilot since first hearing of famed pilot Charles Lindbergh. He spends eighteen months in training and never sees battleduring World War II. Daily Lessons. Fun Activities. Essay Topics. Short Essay Questions.

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Growing Up by Russel baker

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