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This can be a serious problem. Some may be able to find a solution to their gambling problem after time, but many can not. One who can not stop gambling will face significant financial problems, unemployment and even criminal and suicide acts.

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Professional help is required in many cases. This is very similar to alcoholism.

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Courses similar to AA, alcoholics anonymous! Since Compulsive Gambling has been listed as a diagnosable and treatable illness Wexler Associates.


Gambling is a form of entertainment, like that of a music concert, or movie. A novice gambler finds himself on a winning streak. This has sparked an interest that he has never had before. In the past he never found himself walking away with much more than he came into the casino with. Thus he never found a positive feeling in gam Continue reading this essay Continue reading. Toggle navigation MegaEssays. Saved Essays. Topics in Paper.

There is hope for solving the problems that arise because gambling is illegal. Third, there are solutions to help solve the problems that come from not legalizing casino gambling. Residents of the state of Texas need to petition to their local representatives. You can write or call your local representative and express how you think legalizing casinos will help reduce crime and increase revenue for the state.

Gather friends to contact their representatives because a large majority can have the issue placed on election ballots. Once the issue is placed on the ballot, we need to vote for legalizing casinos. People need to become informed of the positives of legalizing gambling B. Finally, they should vote for legalizing. Legalizing casino gambling is the best for Texas. Conclusion I.

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To review, Texas does not allow casino gambling. Texas has lost billions of dollars in revenue to other states.

Angie Bachmann Gambling Addiction: Who’s Responsible?

In addition, illegal gambling has given crime lords power of controlling gaming set up in illegal casinos. Nevertheless, Texas can solve this issue by legalizing casino gambling. Since there are no casinos in Texas, I will be driving six hours to Louisiana. If gambling were legal I would not have to make such a long journey. So lets save ourselves the trouble of having to drive all the way to Louisiana and lets try to convince our state government to legalize casino gambling.

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