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Then, work in reverse by re-working a modern-day song as a sonnet. Take a look and thank me later. Studying modern-day songs is a great way to teach about figurative language and poetic devices while studying poetry. Study poems as paired texts. Analyze lines from a famous soundtrack.

Ask students to bring in their favorite songs and discuss. Students need to know that poetry is not dead. In April, my classes come alive with the magic of slam poetry as students become authors and performers. They re-discover wonder and learn to let down their guard. They learn that there is intersectionality between their story and the stories of others. They are appreciated. They appreciate others. When I use this fun poetry activity for high school students , my classroom really becomes a true community. Not sure which slam poems are school-appropriate and engaging?

Here are 40 of my favorite slam poems! This is an oldie, but goodie poetry writing exercise for high school students. Copy a page or two from a whole class novel.

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Or better yet, choose a completely divergent text, maybe a science textbook or page from a dictionary. Students string together words on the page to form a poem, and black-out the rest of the words. If they want to go above and beyond, they can create an original illustration to accompany their blackout poem. Take your students to the library or have them browse a site like Goodreads and challenge them to create poems from book titles.

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Each title becomes a line in the poem. An optional challenge: have students choose or randomly draw a theme, and their poem has to relate to their chosen theme.

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I created these templates as a quick fun poetry activity for high school sophomores after my librarian told me that having my classes pull so many books would be a pain to re-shelve. A lot of teachers are loving my reading progressive dinner stations. Poems are short and accessible texts that always rock when used with this activity.

Then, have students write a reflection analyzing why they made important changes. This poetry activity is exactly what it sounds like. Or, have students listen to a TED talk or story, writing down a certain of words they hear. At the very least, I suggest a word or phrase. Tell students that their challenge is to write a poem inspired by these objects. These videos were then viewed by classmates. Everyone enjoyed this a lot!

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Taylor Mali, the very first slam poet I ever listened to and still one of my favorites , has a ton of great poetry writing exercises for high school students on his site HERE. This is a really fun poetry activity for high school students! Popular after-school program shares its resources with teachers.

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Fewer clicks and less clutter equal a new go-to site for citing sources.

Bottom line : An intuitive site that takes the stress out of citing sources, but students will still need instruction to tweak auto-generated citations. Great news and classroom resources support both teachers and students.

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Bottom line : With some organizational adjustments, the site could be an exceptional place for both kids and teachers to find educational inspiration. Accept cookies. Continue reading.

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