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He gets ready to go and rescue Juliet from her tomb. Romeo starts to come into the tomb area and so Paris and Page hide. Paris then comes out of hiding and starts reprimanding Romeo;. And so Paris was dead, killed by Romeo. He swallows the poison and dies. Friar Lawrence cannot persuade her to leave with him, so he runs away, showing fear of what may happen. As soon as he has left, Juliet stabs herself.

Three watchmen enter the tomb and one brings back the arrested Friar Lawrence.

The Prince and the aggrieved Capulet family soon follow. Montague, who is now widowed, is also doubly aggrieved;. Friar Lawrence explains the catastrophic chain of events that led to the deaths of both Romeo and Juliet;. He tells the truth, and nothing but the truth, no matter how much grief he is in.

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Thus there is no hatred towards him, as both families know that he was trying to do the best for both sides. The two Lords of the two families realise it was their hatred, anger and violence that caused this sudden tragedy. It concludes with the last two lines being the truest of the whole play;. We have been studying 'Romeo and Juliet'; it is play by Shakespeare using earlier sources of the poem 'Romeus and Juliet' by Arthur Brooke. It is an unusual tragedy due to there being two protagonists.

Aristotle describes the protagonist of tragedy as being noble but having a flaw that causes his downfall. In 'Romeo and Juliet', the flaw is not in the lovers but in their families. The chorus provides a prologue and introduces the emotions of anger, grief, hatred, love, fear and despair an example 'from ancient grudge breaks to new mutiny'; this quotes points towards acts of hatred The central focus of the play, ' Romeo and Juliet ' is love. It is set against a background darkened much by a deeply entrenched hatred.

In the opening sonnet the audience is informed about the 'ancient grudge' between the two most influential families in Verona who are known to be Montagues and the Capulets. The audience also learns of two 'star crossed' lovers who are destined for love yet by fate they are also destined for tragedy. As the audience we get our first hint that love will ironically run alongside hatred when Chorus states that the love of Romeo and Juliet began as an ancient ritualistic tale.

It was chanted or spoken in unison by a stage full of monks. When Shakespeare was alive and writing his plays, the church was openly opposed to theatre. Sometimes, it could manage to have theatres shut down merely because they believed it was wrong. The church also disallowed female participation in the theatre. Shakespeare used astrological terms in many of his plays.

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Juliet's parents, Capulet and Lady Capulet, fail to understands Juliet's decision not to marry Paris. The Nurse fails Juliet by not supporting Juliet's decision to remain married to Romeo. The final adult to fail Juliet is Friar Lawrence who does not comprehend Juliet and Romeo's love for each other. These misunderstandings cause the adults to betray Juliet. The first to betray Juliet is her parents, Capulet and Lady Capulet. Throughout the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet various types of "love" aredisplayed. Benvolio believes women are interchangeable, while, at thebeginning Romeo bel ieves love is pain.

At the beginning Juliet does noteven have a definition of love. Paris's and Lady Capulet's definition oflove is in appearance. It is obvio us that Shakespeare wants the audienceto believe that the only "true" or "real" love is the love that existsbetween Romeo and Juliet. The first type of love the audience is introducedto is the "interchangeable" lo ve of Benvolio. According to Benvolio, a manshould "love" a woman for only the duration Romeo and Juliet's love is very different to others that we see in the play, a few examples of the different types of love in the play are the Capulet's attitude towards love in Act 1, Scene 1, Romeo and Rosaline's love, Capulet and Lady Capulet's, Capulet and Juliet's, Paris and Juliet's and Mercutio's attitude towards love.

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The Capulet servants' attitude towards love in Act 1, Scene 1 is a more aggressive form of love; it is very lustful and boastful, which often links sex and aggression by using words. Romeo and Rosaline's love can be called unrequited love, which The plot of the play 'Romeo and Juliet' is described in the prologue. From this we learn many things such as where it is set the main story line and surprisingly the ending.

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  • There are many factors that caused their deaths. Love is presented in many different ways in Romeo and Juliet. Love, in this play, is not actually true love; it is a mixture of feelings and ideas of infactuation, long lasting love, and marriage.

    This essay shall compare and contrast these aspects portrayed through the various characters in this play. Marriage is the vehicle through which most characters in Romeo and Juliet express their views on love. One of the ways Father Capulet conceives marriage is that it is like a deal. In the days that this play was written, a father would own his daughter and could do There are many reasons to the tragedy of William Shakespeare"s Romeo and Juliet.

    However, the major person to the tragedy of these lovers was Capulet, Juliet"s own father. He brought the death of Juliet by forcing her to marry Paris, separating her from Romeo, and rejecting Juliet"s own decisions. One reason Capulet made the situation worse was because he was making Juliet marry Paris, who she did not love and Capulet also separated her from Romeo, who she did love and it because he separated them that caused Juliet to die.

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